The James River Arts & Cultural District was established by Lynchburg City Council in City Code in 2011. The program includes business incentives and an annual appropriation of amusement tax generated in the District granted by the Office of Economic Development & Tourism through an application process to support programs, events and projects. 

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Where is the District?

The District geographically includes the Central Business District, Fifth Street from Jefferson Street to Taylor Street to include the Old City Cemetery, Legacy Museum and Madison House for the Arts; Rivermont Avenue from 5th Street to Bedford Avenue; the Pierce Street Renaissance Historic District; and properties that include Point of Honor.

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How can I apply?

All applications are accepted online only this year.


The deadline to submit applications is Tuesday, October 31st, at 5:00 P.M. 

Program Guidelines

Guidelines for the Arts & Cultural District Program are intended to attract citizens, organizations and consortiums that wish to create and execute projects within the Arts & Cultural District to benefit the welfare of the citizens of Lynchburg. The term “project” may include events, activities, capital investments, promotions, improvements, displays or like pursuits that serve to further arts and culture in the District. Guidelines include but are not limited to:

Please review the full Program Guidelines HERE

  • Project funds are for arts- and culture-related projects only;
  • Projects must show an estimated economic impact, if the project is of a Public Art nature please show estimated public access and make a case for the artwork in the location chosen;
  • Projects must demonstrate a public and cultural benefit; 
  • Applicants must demonstrate familiarity with arts & cultural organizations, artists, and/or other relevant constituencies within the District;
  • Applicants must demonstrate collaboration with organizations and individuals with a priority towards collaborations with constituencies within the District;
  • Projects that have secured match funding will be prioritized; 
  • Project funds can only be used for the specific project or event applied for, and cannot be used for organizations’ routine operating expenses;
  • Projects must take place within the Arts & Cultural District – see the District map above.
  • Projects that have been funded by the grant program for more than 3 years are not eligible to apply for funding again without significant program innovation or change; 
  • Projects that do not already receive other forms of City support, including City sponsorship, will be given priority.
  • Certain projects that utilize public space or City streets require permitting from the City of Lynchburg; it is the responsibility of grant applicants to determine these requirements. To learn more about Special Events permits, please visit

  • Applicants should review the James River Arts and Culture Vision Plan developed by the arts & culture non-profit organizations within the district before submitting an application.

Required Documentation

All required documentation will be submitted through the online application. Please be prepared to submit the required documentation below: 

  • Submit signed W-9
  • Complete an estimated economic impact report (upload JPEG/PNG to online application) when prompted 
  • Project budget worksheet 
  • If awarded, the applicant will sign and complete a Disbursement Agreement
  • After the event takes place, the awardee must complete and submit a Final Report 90 days after the project completion date. The Office of Economic Development & Tourism will send out the Final Report Form to awarded applicants. 

Eligible Applicants

Any citizen of Lynchburg, non-profit organization within city limits, or any consortium of organizations within the City is eligible to apply. Though an applicant is not required to be a citizen of Lynchburg or be located within City limits, priority will be given to these applicants. Funds cannot be used for projects for which a single entity or individual profits directly; this is not applicable to projects in which proceeds are donated or there is no intent for profit generation.

Eligible Use of Project Funds

Funds are only for projects within the geographic boundaries of the Arts & Cultural District (see map above). Funds can be used to leverage other funding sources for the specific project, but are solely intended to cover expenses directly related to the project for which the applicant requested funding. Funds may not be used to cover the routine operating expenses of an organization, or for expenses incidental to a project or event such as personnel expenses, dues, planning expenses, etc.

Other Program Eligibility Information

  • All projects must start before December 31, 2024. 
  • Be current on any and all City of Lynchburg taxes prior to grant disbursement
  • Funds are for arts- and culture-related projects only
Application Review Process

Applications are reviewed by an appointed panel comprised of District stakeholders and other business and community leaders. Program recipients will be selected based on the merits of their project, the program guidelines, collaboration with the James River Arts & Culture District Vision Plan, and thorough completion of the application. The City of Lynchburg Office of Economic Development & Tourism will utilize the recommendations of the review committee, but in all cases will retain sole discretion for the grant amounts awarded.

The Advisory Committee Panel Members include: 

  • TBD – Non-profit member within the James River Arts & Culture District 
  • Tracey Langseth, Riverviews Artspace 
  • Ursula Bryan, University of Lynchburg Art Department 
  • Christina Davis, Artist
  • Dennis Marcinik, General Manager 
  • TBD – Member at Large 

The application review process will take approximately 6 weeks.

Program Fund Terms and Amounts

The maximum award is $10,000. Multiple organizations or individuals may apply separately for funding for the same project. The amount awarded will be based on the criteria described in the program guidelines, including but not limited to the scope of the project, the greatest public benefit, the greatest economic impact, collaboration, and the percentage of total project funding.  

Project Fund Administration

Recipients of funds will be required to sign a Program Disbursement Agreement that may include an audit of awarded expenditures. Recipients will be required to acknowledge the City of Lynchburg and the James River Arts & Cultural District in all promotional materials. All applicants must provide a final report specific to the funded project. All final reports must be completed and returned to the Lynchburg Office of Economic Development & Tourism no later than 45 days after completion of the project. Additional information is provided in the Notice of Award and Program Disbursement Agreement. All projects should start by December 31st, 2024, and be completed within 12 months of the award notification date.

Amusement Tax

Every business or organization that charges admission to an activity or event shall impose a 7% tax on the total amount charged for admission. The fees for admission taxes imposed by the city code and collected by qualified arts organizations in the Arts & Cultural District are redistributed through the Arts & Cultural District Program to promote and market the district and to improve aesthetic or infrastructure. In order to be eligible for project funds, organizations should contact the Commissioner of the Revenue’s office to determine if they are required to pay the City’s amusement tax and to obtain the necessary remittal forms which are due on or before the 20th of the following month. Learn more at

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